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I Love You...No Matter What

As usual, a lot of information from my spiritual TEAM channels through while I’m in the shower. It’s all about the water and cleansing away anything that may be clogging my energy field in order to hear more clearly. And probably because I’m a captured audience in the shower and less likely to argue with them. LOL!

Today’s topic was very profound and requires time to really sit and reflect. What if our need for acceptance is simply a cry for love? Think about it. As children, we’re always looking to do something, whether it be to do well in school, or play sports, because we know that it will draw our parents attention. When they have a positive reaction and tell us how well we did, it makes us feel good and there’s a sense of pride that we were able to invoke that reaction.

Now look at when we don’t do well. The negative reaction really hits us hard, even if we don’t recognize it immediately, and we may internalize it to the point that it creates a negative pattern or behavior. We then feel anxiety or fear whenever a similar situation comes up and if that emotion is not addressed as a child, it continues with us as adults and escalates from there. As adults, we may forget but our inner child remembers and will act out accordingly to get our attention.

How does that impact others around us? Does it cause us to create expectations that the people in our inner circle simply can’t attain and we can’t explain? Do we then get angry and lash out without fully understanding why? What about the expectations we have of ourselves? If I do this really well, he/she is going to give me positive reinforcement or be proud of me. If the other person doesn’t react in the way you expected, how does that make you feel? Do you revert back to how you felt when this pattern was initially created and fight back?

What if you have figured this out and there’s a deep grief festering inside because you always wanted to talk to the person originally involved and now you can’t because that person has passed. A gamut of emotions keeps going around and around. Anger and resentment at the person for creating this pattern and now not being around so you can make amends or at least clear the air. Feeling unloved and just wanting to explain to someone you may have hurt that it wasn’t really their fault, you just wanted to know they loved you.

As children, we feel every emotion, we’re just not mature enough to understand what it is or why we’re feeling this way. We get scared and learn by the reactions of others older than us what we can feel comfortable talking about and what we keep inside. How do we break free from the old ways of doing things in order to create an atmosphere that fosters communication?

Maybe starting the conversation with, “I love you…no matter what,” is a good start. By doing so, you’re setting the tone that allows the person to open up and be vulnerable, while reinforcing that no matter what they tell you, they are loved. Think of the ripple effect that would have on the planet. In the end, knowing and hearing we’re loved is all we really need.

If this article resonated with you or you have questions, would like more information, or know you have energy to clear in your existing relationships, please feel free to contact Ann M. Bordeleau at or call 603-318-1154. You can also follow Ann on Facebook and visit her website:

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