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There is always so much to be grateful for and this time of year seems to bring that out in everyone. I subscribe to a number of different pages on Facebook that have positive quotes, many of which boil down to the more grateful you are for what you have, the more things will come into your life. Notice I didn’t say more “positive” things will come into your life. There will definitely be positives however, I think it’s important to realize that we need to be grateful for everything that happens, including obstacles or challenges. I can hear the scoffing already and the “Yeah right” or “Really?” Yes, really!

Several years back, I had the pleasure of seeing Dr. Wayne Dyer speak at one of Hay House’s “I CAN DO IT!” conferences and he told a story that really stuck with me. Please excuse me if I paraphrase a little. “Picture yourself walking down the street and there’s a hole in the sidewalk. You’re not looking at the ground and fall in. You get out, dust yourself off, and continue walking. Angry and confused at what just happened. The next day, you’re walking down the same street and again fall into the same hole. On day three, you’re walking down the street and remember the past 2 days. Instead of walking the same route, you take a different street and get to your destination without incident.”

For a moment, take a step back and look at whatever challenge you’re facing right now. Are you having a feeling of déjà vu? Is it similar to a situation you’ve been in before? GREAT! This means that you have an opportunity to look at what feelings came up last time and what actions you took, see how it worked out for you then, and now take a different path. It’s a way to break a pattern and grow from the experience.

Change is difficult and necessary. Nothing stays the same, so we either dig our heels in and fight until the bitter end (which only prolongs the inevitable, by the way) or wave the white flag of surrender and go with the flow. Being given the opportunity to even have a choice is a huge thing to be grateful for.

Over the past couple weeks, a lot of things have shifted and changed in my life. Some scenarios are very similar to the past and here’s what I’ve noticed. Because I changed my perspective on challenges, they’re now more of a “dry run” for what’s coming up and it becomes more of an opportunity to make the mistakes so when similar situations come back again, then I know what not to do. It also gives me the confidence to make different decisions knowing that any negative energy surrounding the previous situation has cleared and now I am free to move forward.

I’ve felt like a number of things have been piling up with regards to the direction my business should go in and up to the end of October, the energy built to a crescendo where it felt like the door was going to blow wide open. After the full moon, that’s exactly what happened! I had been praying for the right people to come into my life to help and when that door blew off its hinges, there was a line of subject matter experts all waiting patiently and ready to help me move forward. There’s still a lot of work to be done. Knowing that I can delegate some tasks makes the journey a little less daunting and allows me to focus on the core pieces that only I can create. It also serves to remind me that it is all about the journey and had I gone right to the top, I would have missed out on so much. I feel very blessed and am grateful for every moment of every second of every hour of every day for all the support, inspiration, and love on the physical and spiritual planes. My hope is that next time you are challenged or faced with any kind of issue, you can recognize what’s happening and listen to your intuition as you make new choices. If you trust, you’ll never go wrong.

If this article resonated with you or you have questions, would like more information, or know you have energy to clear in your existing relationships, please feel free to contact Ann M. Bordeleau at or call 603-318-1154. You can also follow Ann on Facebook and visit her website:

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