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Wow! What a week its been?!?! So much tension and fiery passion surrounding the election, Standing Rock, and that’s just stateside. Lots of things going on globally that no one is even taking notice about. Many people voicing their opinions and disappointments which is just breeding more fear and hate.

One of my most memorable bosses, Debanne, always comes to mind when there are people moaning and groaning about problems. Debanne was my manager while working for American Express travel in Nashua. She was younger and more mature than me. Not that age has anything to do with it, she was just much better at business, troubleshooting, and conflict management than most people her age. And trust me, there was definitely conflict in that office! Debanne had an open door policy with one caveat. She would listen to your complaint but you better be prepared with solutions on how to make things better. It wasn’t up to her to figure out how to solve everything. She had a business to run and if you wanted to help make changes that were beneficial to all, then she was all for it. I was in my late 20’s at that time and that was one of the most important life lessons that anyone could have ever taught me. It has carried over into my own life in such a big way that I use it all the time with friends, family, and clients.

In a past workshop on energy work and clearing, my mentor, Rachael, was talking to us about our calling and how we can have many different purposes within that calling. We also get assignments from the Divine source to do along the way, with a Team of guides to help us complete those assignments within a given timeframe. Because we are human and were given free will, we sometimes make detours that are needed for the experience and knowledge and will eventually get back on the path. If we get too caught up in the human aspect of our lives, then we may end up procrastinating to the point that timeline deadlines are approaching and its critical the job gets done. That’s when the assignment is taken away from you and given to someone else. Step up or step out of the way.

How often does this happen? More than we realize. Think back to years gone by where you had this wonderful stroke of inspiration but didn’t act on it because you didn’t know how to go about making it all work, only to find out later that someone else had the same idea and ran with it. Those ideas are Divinely inspired and are only given to select few. When that timeline is up, it goes on to someone else. So the next time an inspiration comes to you, write it down and let it marinate a little, then go back to it and see what additional information you get for the next step.

There are great joys in being an entrepreneur. Making my own rules, hours, and feeling empowered to create something of real value. Something that will have a positive impact. There are downsides, too. I’m the only one who is carrying the business, which means working or being “on” 7 days a week. Having to go all over town making connections, figuring out how to describe my business in a way that’s tangible to people, finding my niche clientele, just to name a few. It can be nerve-wracking and there’s a lot of pressure knowing that if the money’s not coming in, then I need to keep getting out there cause there’s no safety net. Being a pioneer, I’m creating something completely new and there are no directions to follow. It takes A LOT of faith and trust along the way. Sure there are times when things aren’t going the way I expect them to and my Team quickly reminds me that Divine time is not the same as human time and to be patient. THEY also remind me I am fully supported on this journey and validations are provided along the way whether it be signs, numbers, songs, quotes, or bringing the right people in at the right time.

I’ve always been very fortunate to have very strong women in my life. From my grandmothers, to my mom, sisters, sister-in-law, aunts, cousins, friends, and mentors. All of whom, whether they realized it or not, have helped me get over hurdles. Even if it was just saying the right thing at the right time, like my crazy Canadian friend, Carlene, who reminded me the other night that I have to stop thinking about “How” everything will come together and focus on “What” I want. You can’t manifest what you don’t know. I’m stepping up but I also need to step out of my own way, too. That was a true blessing because it got me back on track and refocused. And a BIG Thank You to my Team for working through Carlene!

How does this all tie in with being 50, you ask? Haha! It just goes to prove that no matter how old you are age wise, you always have opportunities to step up. Next time someone says something to you that may be random or out of the blue, whether it be someone you know or a total stranger, take a few minutes to ponder on their words and ask yourself, “Am I stepping up or stepping out of the way?” and is that the direction you want to go? Surround yourself with people who will help elevate you to step up and be that person for somebody else, too. All the energy you put out there is a ripple effect that goes back through everyone you come in contact with, so make sure it’s good, positive, loving energy because that’s what will truly heal us all.

If this article resonated with you or you have questions, would like more information, or know you have energy to clear in your existing relationships, please feel free to contact Ann M. Bordeleau at or call 603-318-1154. You can also follow Ann on Facebook and visit her website:

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