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Happy Holidays From Heaven

The holiday season is almost at its close and for most, it’s a relief. Stress and anxiety have overshadowed the joy for a lot of people. Others may be feeling the grief of a loved one who has passed on. It’s especially difficult for those who are experiencing the first holidays without that person or people they held dear. Holiday traditions make the loss feel much greater.

As a medium, I get a lot of questions about people who have passed. The most frequently asked is whether or not a loved one is happy and around them. The answer is, “Absolutely!” My experiences have allowed me to communicate with spirit energies to provide comfort to their family members who are still here. It’s a tremendous help in the healing process because for most, death is the biggest fear. Where do we go? Will our loved ones be there to greet us? What does it look like? Receiving messages gives the validation and reassurance that their loved ones are in a good place and there is a “heaven” or some greater place when we die.

Another question is what does it look like to cross people over to the other side? How it normally appears to me is a golden staircase with a big, bright light at the top. Looks like a huge warehouse sized door is open with white/gold light illuminating everything. I watch as the person goes up the steps and starts to recognize the people for them waiting in the light. Watching someone walk into the welcoming embraces of friends and family who have passed is amazing and so beautiful to watch. My favorite part is when they turn to look back at me with the biggest smile on their face. The incredible feeling of joy and happiness that washes over is a extension of how they are feeling at that very moment. Being allowed to be part of their journey is miraculous and truly an honor.

More recently, the questions have revolved around loved ones who have taken their own life and what happens to them. In my experience, some do go directly into the light. Others go to a gray zone, like a purgatory or waiting room, for a period of time. Why? Because they have things to clear before they can go into the light. That could be done as more schooling or training (because there is still more learning to be done on “the other side”) or they may connect with another medium to help others as part of a “penance” so-to-speak. It’s different for each spirit based on their circumstances. I have had the honor of clearing spirits and either helping them cross or assisting one of their Earth bound loved ones cross them over.

Helping people recognize that their loved ones are still communicating with them is part of a larger education process. Mediumship is a wonderful gift and responsibility. One I that take very seriously and use with care. There’s a lot more to it than just passing along messages. We all come into this world with extraordinary gifts, it’s just a matter of how we are supported and willing to explore and accept that part of ourself. Learning about your own gifts is a big part of your purpose here on Earth.

Why don’t more people embrace their own gifts? Mainly because they don’t realize they have abilities. They think its only for a select few. That couldn’t be more far from the truth. “Gut instinct” and intuition are all part of an individual’s abilities. How many times have you done something knowing and physically feeling that it was the wrong decision, but you did it anyway? As humans, we need to learn to trust what we’re feeling and that can be difficult. Outside influences have a tendency to say or do things that make us doubt ourselves to the point we don’t believe and push off experiences as a fluke.

My hope is two fold. One that whomever reads this has found some comfort and peace with regards to their loved ones. Second that more people will want to embrace their abilities and get to experience some of the extraordinary events that can happen through this type of communication. Not just for the beautiful experiences but because as a planet, we are in desperate need of people who are willing to step up and be “spiritual warriors” who will be the calm amidst the chaos.

Wishing you all the very best for a blessed New Year.

Much love,


If this article resonated with you or you have questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact Ann at or call or text 603-318-1154 (if calling, please leave a voicemail). You can also follow Ann on Facebook and visit her website:

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