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The theme the past couple weeks has been, “Freedom.” It started with New Earth University in Washington, DC when we were asked if we really were free. There were a number of different answers because each person there was thinking about freedom from their own perspective. What it boiled down to was that we are as free as we allow ourselves to be. Ponder that for a moment. As creators of our own reality, if we’re not free, then it’s up to us to recognize the blocks we’re putting on our path and find solutions to overcome them so we can move forward.

As was out and about celebrating my birthday last week, I kept this in mind and a number of different scenarios presented themselves that would normally have gone unnoticed in the past. The first was a woman on the dance floor who had moves like Elaine from Seinfeld. Looking around, no one was laughing or snickering. It was actually amazing because you could tell that she didn’t care what anyone thought. She was free to dance the night away and enjoy herself. Her husband danced along with her with so much love in his eyes. That was all that mattered.

The various conflicts going on in the world right now are forcing us to choose. Whether it be to pick one side over the other or be silent versus taking a stand. Both sides get voices and if nothing else, it’s allowing us the freedom to see things clearer than before by bringing awareness to a situation or topic that has been undercover for too long and is now demanding attention.

Since turning 50, I feel like things have definitely changed within me. How I look at things seems to be bolder and there’s more of a drive to speak up and be more creative. It’s like life has been on a dimmer switch where you turn it little by little, adjusting the lighting to your current circumstances. If you look back at your life, you can see where the switch had been turned up and down, adjusting the level of “light” based on what was going on at that time. Right now, my dimmer switch is cranked up as high as it can go now and the light is brighter than it’s ever been and I wish that for everyone!

All these instances helped me to put together a list of Freedoms. Which ones do relate to the most? Which ones would you add?

Freedom to express yourself – verbally and creatively

Freedom to grieve

Freedom to feel – physical pain, emotions, feel it all!

Freedom to age

Freedom to choose – what you do, what you think, how you act

Freedom to be powerful

Freedom to not have all the answers

Freedom to be scared

Freedom to connect - to the universe, to a higher Divine source, to other people

Freedom to listen

Freedom to clear

Freedom to love

Most importantly, Freedom to BE. We are all unique individuals and in order to really be free, we need to take the time to look inside ourselves to understand who we are. Anything that we think we may be lacking or holding us back is within our power to clear and change. All it takes is one small step, then another, and another. When you look back, it won’t be a ball and chain you see in the dust, it will be something simple, like silly string, and you’ll wonder why it took you so long to break free.

Many blessings to you all!

If this article resonated with you or you have questions, would like more information, or know you have energy to clear in your existing relationships, please feel free to contact Ann M. Bordeleau at or call 603-318-1154. You can also follow Ann on Facebook and visit her website:

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