January 7, 2019

I was reading an article the other day that talked about sample interview questions.  One of the questions was, “Tell me a time when you made a bad decision.  What did you do?”  This sparked my interest.  Unless our instincts are yelling at us NOT to do something and w...

December 30, 2018

Are our loved ones still with us after they pass on?

November 29, 2018

(Re-post from The Wellness Universe featured blog on January 3, 2017)

During the holiday season, someone will get the urge to perform a random act of kindness for a total stranger.  We’ve all heard of paying for the coffee order for the car behind you in the drive-thru...

November 19, 2018

Do you really need approval or is it a cry for love?

November 13, 2018

How did our love affair with sugar get so out of hand?  Besides the fact that it makes everything taste good, sugary foods are constantly in our face, and pretty much in EVERYTHING we eat.  So how can we defend ourselves from this daily battle?  Getting informed and pa...